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In order to observe the effect, the state of a single channel can be changed every 8s.
Due to the nature of the lamp operation, the blocking time of control has been limited to 40s.
Wait until the current carol is over.

  • Thank you for being with us, see you in December 2019.

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  • The design of the interactive crib was created in 2017 with the cooperation of the Municipal Office in Modliborzyce, the Youth Council in Modliborzyce, the originator of the project, Mr. Tomasz Siron, a young and talented resident of the Modliborzyce community and the coordinator of the entire project, Mrs. Iwona Manka.

    Tomasz has already experimented with interactive lighting control in previous years by brightening his house during Christmas. It led to great interest not only of the inhabitants but also the media and as a consequence Tomasz became quite famous.

    In 2017, Mr. Siron’s proposition got interest from the Municipal Office in Modliborzyce and the administrator of the Youth City Council. By combining the talent of the performer with the creativity of the coordinator and with the favor and funds of the municipal authorities, we can, once again, present you with the interactive illumination of the Christmas Crib.

    Tomasz is the main originator and performer of the entire undertaking, both from the IT side, that is, the lighting control as well as from the technical and working side, so as to close the entire project. Przemysław Kasza, a colleague of Tomek, provides hosting, configures Linux-based systems, helps in the work on the project. Hubert Ryfinski works on the project from the technical side, takes care of the visual side of the project from start to finish and provides a 24-hour service. Karol Szpyra helps in technical work related to the crib and ensures reliable operation of all devices. Iwona Manka, as the project coordinator, links all the work, controls its course, takes care of the visual side of the project and its promotion. What you can see is the effect of many hours of work of all these people before, during and after the illumination is finished.

    The Municipal Office in Modliborzyce bears the cost of purchasing all components and installed elements such as loudspeakers, cameras, lighting, etc. In the whole project implementation process, we could count on the help and favor of employees and authorities of the Municipal Office in Modliborzyce.

    This year we have determined that the color and brightness of the decorations of the crib can be controlled from the website. What is more, you will be able to choose which camera you want to view and listen to the carols. To keep the holiday mood, another carol can be turned on only when the previous one has sounded to the end. At moments of high interest and activity on the site, we can expect a temporary queue, but this is only due to the fact that Tomasz applied time delays so that everyone could enjoy their composition of illumination for a moment.

    "A bit new, a bit old", this thought inspired us while working on the crib this year. We left the visual side, the number of trees and the lighting of individual elements. We gave a more interesting look to the selection buttons, we introduced a second camera that shows the town square from a different angle. Let’s hope that you will like the changes, but the opportunity for small surprises is left to us.

    We are very happy with the opportunity to present you carols and pastorals performed by local artists. These tracks were collected by the Municipal Cultural Center in Modliborzyce and they can be presented here thanks to their kindness.

    GOK in Modliborzyce has been organizing the Review of Traditional Christmas Carols and Pastorals among local counties for over twenty years, which led to the fact that now it has a rich collection of folk art from our region.

    In the presented set you will find traditional Christmas carols and at the same time very valuable and desired wishing carols. These carols, passed on only verbally, are unfortunately going into oblivion, just like the traditions associated with singing. Their content is initially surprising and seems to have nothing to do with the Christmas tradition. And yet...

    At Christmas time, when the carolers came to the house, where a bachelor was present, first they sang the traditional carols and then the wishing carol, in which they wished to Jasienek (bachelor) meeting his Kasienka (miss, candidate for a wife). These pieces are usually humorous and light. Presented Christmas carols are sung only a cappella, i.e. without accompanying instruments because in this way they were sung in our homes years ago. Nowadays, in houses where this tradition is observed, that's how we sing them to God for glory.

    In the presented material you will find songs performed by local solo artists and the Singing Committee of the Municipal Cultural Center in Modliborzyce.

    We do hope that you will be pleased with the long-standing tradition of this region combined with the modernity of an interactive crib and that this will make presented songs permanently present in our crib.

    The aim of the project is to advertise our city, create a modern illumination that fits into the holiday mood and Christmas atmosphere, allowing at least virtually, to connect all Modliborzans, those living here and those living all over Poland or in the world to be together for a moment. We hope that you will join the fun and create a crib of your dreams. You are welcome at any time.

    The author of the pictures is: Hubert Ryfiński.
    Main contact information regarding the project
    [email protected]
    +48 502 471 473

    Iwona Mańka

    project coordinator, MRM maintainer
    [email protected]

    The project was created in cooperation with the Municipal Office in Modliborzyce and the Youth City Council

    Tomasz Siroń


    The initiator and contractor of the interactive christmas crib, the contractor of the project from the programming, IT and electronics side. He deals with technical issues and Public Relation matters of the project. He studies Mechatronics at the Lublin University of Technology. He is passionate about electronics, computer science and broadly understood science. He uses Linux on a daily basis :)
    [email protected]
    tomek10861 +48 796 573 108

    Przemysław Kasza


    Co-author and co-founder of the control, computer science student, deals with the issue of servers. By passion, the administrator of computer networks and Linux systems, in his free time he trains and implements interesting projects related to home automatic control :)
    [email protected]

    Hubert Ryfiński


    Co-contractor of the practical control part, Field Support. Passionate about photography, electronics and a good movie. In her spare time, he works on the automation of him home. He is not afraid of challenges and the risks associated with them.
    [email protected]

    Karol Szpyra (senior)


    Co-contractor of the practical control part, Field Support. Passionate about motorization, especially off road. The car mechanics has no secrets for him. In his free time, he loves to tinker in his garage and create various, unusual modifications.
    [email protected]

    Karol Szpyra (junior) - 2017 edition

    Co-contractor of the practical control part. Student of final year in Vocational School, named after Wincenty Witos in Janow Lubelski (logistics profile). In his free time, he likes to tinker and modify his buggy.