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    The interactive crib project was created in cooperation with the Municipal Office in Modliborzyce, the Youth City Council in Modliborzyce and the originator of the entire undertaking, Mr. Tomasz Siron, a young, talented resident of the Modliborzyce Borough.

    Tomasz had already experimented with interactive lighting control in previous years, while brightening his home during Christmas time. This encountered huge attention of not only the inhabitants but also the media which resulted in great interest in Tomasz himself.

    This year, Mr. Siron's proposition attracted attention of the Youth City Council and Municipal Office in Modliborzyce. By combining the talent of the artist with the ingenuity of the youth and the favor and funds of the municipal authorities, we can present you with the Christmas interactive illumination of the Christmas Crib.

    Tomasz is the main originator and contractor of the entire undertaking, both from the IT side: lighting control as well as from the technical and working side, so as to close the entire project. Tomasz together with his colleagues: Przemysław Kasza, Krzysztof Styc, Karol Szpyra senior and Karol Szpyra junior, who were helping him at various stages of the project, worked as volunteers without any financial gratification.

    We have agreed together that the website can be used to turn on and off elements of decorative lighting, change the color of selected decorations and listen to Christmas carols. In order to keep the Christmas spirit, another carol can be turned on only when the previous one has sounded to the end. At moments of high interest and engagement on the site, we can expect a temporary queue, but this is only due to the fact that Tomasz applied time delays so that everyone could enjoy their composition of illumination for a moment.

    The aim of the project is to advertise our city, create a modern illumination that fits into the Christmas mood and atmosphere, allow to connect virtually all citizens of Modliborzyce, those living here and those living all over Poland or in the world to be together just for a moment.

    We hope that you will join in the fun and create a crib of your dreams. You are all invited...

    The authors of the pictures are: Katarzyna Pyć and Daniel Ożóg.
    General contact regarding the project
    +48 12 444 74 41
    +48 15 871 51 03 – counselor of MRM
    When calling a landline number, select 0 to register to the voicemail

    The project was created in cooperation with the Municipal Office in Modliborzyce and the Youth City Council

    Tomasz Siroń

    The initiator and contractor of the interactive christmas crib, the contractor of the project from the programming, IT and electronics side. He deals with technical issues and Public Relation matters of the project. He studies Mechatronics at the Lublin University of Technology. He is passionate about electronics, computer science and broadly understood science. He uses Linux on a daily basis :)
    tomek10861 796 573 108
    +48 12 444 7441 extension 2

    Przemysław Kasza

    Co-author and co-founder of the control, computer science student, deals with the issue of servers. By passion, the administrator of computer networks and Linux systems, in his free time he trains and implements interesting projects related to home automatic control :)

    Krzysztof Styc

    Co-author of the control, deals with the project from the programming and IT side. Linux or streaming is for him an interesting work combined with good fun.
    +48 12 444 7441 extension 1

    Karol Szpyra (senior)

    Co-contractor of the practical control part. Passionate about motorization, especially off road. The car mechanics has no secrets for him. In his free time, he loves to tinker in his garage and create various, unusual modifications.

    Karol Szpyra (junior)

    Co-contractor of the practical control part. Student of final year in Vocational School, named after Wincenty Witos in Janow Lubelski (logistics profile). In his free time, he likes to tinker and modify his buggy.